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 Jackie Shroff Dahleez Movie

Mrignaini and Shekhar love each other, but due to a misunderstanding, Mrignaini decides to leave him. She then marries another man. Her life comes crashing down when Shekhar reappears in her life....

Hindi   1986   161 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-09-24
 Jackie Shroff Kaash Movie

A Bollywood actor-turned-producer faces marital and financial challenges....

Hindi   1987   140 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-09-22
 Jackie Shroff Sachche Ka Bol-Bala Movie
Sachche Ka Bol-Bala

Karan Kaul is the Editor of a daily newspaper called "The Truth". He is respected by his fans and critics alike. He loves Greta Sanders, a Swiss national of Indian origin. Then Karan himself becomes a suspect, and faces loss of cr......

Hindi   1989   N/A   Jackie Shroff   2022-09-21
 Jackie Shroff Mard Ki Zabaan Movie
Mard Ki Zabaan

Ram Chauhan makes a living as a farmer and lives with his brother, Lakshman. He falls in love with wealthy Lakshmi Sahay, much to the chagrin of her dad, Raghupathi, who breaks off all relations with her. His anger does not subsid......

Hindi   1987   N/A   Jackie Shroff   2022-09-21
 Jackie Shroff Haathon Ki Lakeeren Movie
Haathon Ki Lakeeren

Geeta lives a poor lifestyle with her widowed mother in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, who works as a Nurse in a hospital run by Dr. Bhanu Pratap, while she herself sings and dances in a hotel. She is in love with wealthy Lalit Mohan Singh, ......

Hindi   1986   139 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-09-21
 Jackie Shroff Aaj Ka Daur Movie
Aaj Ka Daur

This movie reflects the time and era in India's history. A time that most politicians would prefer to turn a nelson's eye on; an era that would be excluded from most history books. This movie revolves around the lives of a poor pe......

Hindi   1985   153 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-09-20
 Jackie Shroff Hero Movie

After his friend is imprisoned, a hitman kidnaps the daughter of the police commissioner by telling her that he is a police officer....

Hindi   1983   173 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-30
 Jackie Shroff Yugpurush: A Man Who Comes Just Once in a Way Movie
Yugpurush: A Man Who Comes Just Once in a Way

After Anirudh lost his parents in a heavy rain-storm, he loses his senses and withdrew into himself in a catatonic state, and was hospitalized in a mental asylum. After 25 years, Anirudh recovers and is released with a certificate......

Hindi   1998   N/A   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-28
 Jackie Shroff Albela Movie

Tony (Govinda), a tour guide, falls in love with one of his clients, Sonia (Aishwarya Rai), and tries to woo her. However, Sonia does not reciprocate his feelings since she is in love with another man....

Hindi   2001   145 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-27
 Jackie Shroff Aar Ya Paar Movie
Aar Ya Paar

Shekhar is an opportunist. He marries Veena, a multi-millionaire, while continuing his affair with her secretary, Anu. When Veena gets to know, she threatens him with dire consequences. Shekhar and Anu then kill her. Later, Shekhar f...

Hindi   1997   180 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-27
 Jackie Shroff Talaashi Movie

Jackie an art director working in films is made a scapegoat to kill a higher ranked cop. Then he has to run for his life to prove his innocence....

Hindi   1996   157 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-26
 Jackie Shroff Shikaar Movie

The plot is like a combination of a 1970s made-for-TV crime drama and Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew." Vikram (called Vicky) murders in self-defense a man who was blackmailing his father over an illegitimate son he once had. ...

Hindi   1996   N/A   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-26
 Jackie Shroff Kalinga Movie

Dilip kumar was playing justice kalinga in the movie...

Hindi   1996   N/A   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-25
 Jackie Shroff Kabhi Na Kabhi Movie
Kabhi Na Kabhi

Raja replaces Jagga, a criminal's henchman, after he is arrested owing to a witness's testimony. Later, Jagga promises to kill the witness, who is none other than Raja's father....

Hindi   1998   157 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-25
 Jackie Shroff Gang Movie

After falling prey to underworld, four friends jeopardize their personal lives with point of no return....

Hindi   2000   167 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-25
 Jackie Shroff Chall Movie

Hindi   1996   N/A   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-25
 Jackie Shroff Bandish Movie

Kanta, a lovely village girl is deeply in love with Ramgulam an honest and simple man. They decide to marry and live a blissful life. Suddenly Ramgulam has to leave on a mission and Kanta feels that he is in danger. She leaves th......

Hindi   1996   146 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-25
 Jackie Shroff Agni Sakshi Movie
Agni Sakshi

Newly married Suraj and Shivangi are on honeymoon where they meet Vishwanath - who claims that Shivangi is his wife....

Hindi   1996   142 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-25
 Jackie Shroff Trimurti Movie

After being framed, a policewoman languishing in prison hopes that her three sons will deliver justice and restore her honor....

Hindi   1995   187 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-24
 Jackie Shroff Bollywood Dreams Movie
Bollywood Dreams

A middle class young woman, who dreams of Bollywood fame, is caught in a love triangle between her childhood friend and a famous actor....

Hindi   1995   142 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-24
 Jackie Shroff Ram Shastra Movie
Ram Shastra

Ram Sinha doesn't know that he can re-write his destiny by joining the police force, and at the same time make an enemy with a criminal don named Dhonga the Great. Dhonga swears to avenge the death of his brother and his own subse......

Hindi   1995   N/A   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-24
 Jackie Shroff Milan Movie

Raja leads a life of crime; his girlfriend, Priya convinces him to give up his criminal ways to which he agrees to not only earn an honest living but provide the police with the names and information of his partners in crime only ......

Hindi   1995   N/A   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-23
 Jackie Shroff God and Gun Movie
God and Gun

Corrupt politician Satya Singh is all set to win this year's election also - by hook or by crook. The only person opposing him is Saheb Bahadur Rathore. Satya finds out that Rathore's following is getting stronger, and he sets about ...

Hindi   1995   N/A   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-23
 Jackie Shroff Dushmani: A Violent Love Story Movie
Dushmani: A Violent Love Story

In order to settle personal scores; two gang leaders, Jai Singh and Oberoi fight for many years in gang-wars. There enmity multiplies when Jai's younger brother, Suraj falls in love with Oberoi's sister, Sapna which forces Suraj a......

Hindi, Urdu   1995   156 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-23
 Jackie Shroff Stunttman Movie

Wealthy Reena falls in love with her brother's (Vijay) friend, Pune-based Bajrang Tiwari, a motorbike-stuntman, much to the chagrin of her widowed mother. When Reena adamantly insists on marrying him, her mother attempts to talk V......

Hindi   1994   135 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-22
 Jackie Shroff 1942: A Love Story Movie
1942: A Love Story

A young Indian couple, both from wealthy backgrounds, find themselves caught up in the 1940's Indian revolutionary movement against their families whom are under the thumb a sadistic British general....

Hindi, English   1994   157 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-20
 Jackie Shroff Shatranj Movie

Dharamraj dislikes women and has told his younger brothers to stay away from them....

Hindi   1993   N/A   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-19
 Jackie Shroff King Uncle Movie
King Uncle

When a runaway orphan ends up at the house of a cruel millionaire, she decides to alter his perception of the world....

Hindi   1993   171 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-19
 Jackie Shroff Khalnayak Movie

A prison guard goes undercover as a dancer to try and recapture an escaped criminal and restore her police inspector boyfriend's reputation....

Hindi   1993   190 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-19
 Jackie Shroff Gardish Movie

A soon-to-be police officer takes a path of crime after his father gets attacked by hoodlums....

Hindi   1993   153 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-19
 Jackie Shroff Aaina Movie

Roma leaves Ravi at the altar to pursue her ambitions. Her sister Reema steps in to marry Ravi. All's well till Roma returns. Reema must face Roma now....

Hindi   1993   149 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-18
 Jackie Shroff Sapne Saajan Ke Movie
Sapne Saajan Ke

Shalini wants her daughter, Jyoti, to get married with son of a wealthy man, Gulu. But Jyoti doesn't like Gulu. She meets Deepak and both fall in love. Shalini approves this match of Jyoti and Deepak. But Jyoti comes to know that Dee...

Hindi   1992   162 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-18
 Jackie Shroff Sangeet Movie

A blind, orphan girl aspires to be a successful singer. With the help of another street performer, she sets out to make a mark and in the process discovers her real parents....

Hindi   1992   144 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-18
 Jackie Shroff Angaar Movie

An angry slum-dweller is arrested, found guilty, and institutionalized....

Hindi   1992   176 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-16
 Jackie Shroff Parinda Movie

A man's friend, a police officer, is assassinated by gangsters in broad daylight. He discovers that his elder brother works in the same gang and decides to avenge his friend's death by infiltrating the gang....

Hindi   1989   154 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-16
 Jackie Shroff Akayla Movie

Inspector Vijay Verma is a very lonely cop whose only family is a younger brother, Ajay Verma, who is studying abroad. He also has two good friends, Shekhar and Seema. One day when he arrests criminal mastermind Jojo Braganza, he ......

Hindi   1991   180 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-15
 Jackie Shroff 100 Days Movie
100 Days

A young, clairvoyant woman has a vision of a murder and sets out to uncover the truth before the killer finds her....

Hindi   1991   161 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-15
 Jackie Shroff Vardi Movie

Inspector Verma and Havaldar Bhagwan Singh arrests Lalchand; with Bhagwan Singh loses his life in the process leaving an only son Ajay to be brought up by Verma and his wife. Years later Ajay is now a police inspector like his dad......

Hindi   1989   161 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-14
 Jackie Shroff Tridev Movie

When an exiled police officer, a bandit and the son of a police commissioner are framed by a smuggler, they join forces to teach him a lesson and prove their innocence....

Hindi   1989   173 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-14
 Jackie Shroff Ram Lakhan Movie
Ram Lakhan

Ram Lakhan is the story of two brothers who part ways due to their ideological differences, but how they come to each other's rescue as the story unfolds....

Hindi   1989   174 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-13
 Jackie Shroff Main Tera Dushman Movie
Main Tera Dushman

Honest and diligent Forest Officer Kishan Srivastav (Jackie Shroff) and his wife Jaya (Jaya Pradha) come to the rural area of Ramgarh, and upset the criminal activities of Thakur Dayalu (Anupam Kher), a corrupt Police Inspector Ki......

Hindi   1989   N/A   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-12
 Jackie Shroff Kala Bazaar Movie
Kala Bazaar

Kimtilal, a deeply corrupt person, bribes everyone to get his work done. However, Kamal, his son, grows up to be an honourable police officer and is disappointed to learn about his father's crimes....

Hindi   1989   160 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-12
 Jackie Shroff Uttar Dakshin Movie
Uttar Dakshin

At the time of his mother's death, Raja comes to know that his father is still alive and living a wealthy life. Raja now befriends Shankran, his step-brother....

Hindi   1987   155 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-11
 Jackie Shroff Jawab Hum Denge Movie
Jawab Hum Denge

Union Leader Vijay Saxena wants his employer, Dhanraj, to treat his employees as shareholders, and for this purpose he presents him a cheque of 10 lakh rupees being their contribution, which Dhanraj accepts. Then the company shows......

Hindi   1987   135 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-09
 Jackie Shroff Diljalaa Movie

Mamta lives a middle-class lifestyle in Bombay with her widower dad Ratanmuni Gupta, who works as a Manager with Sharda Chemicals while she studies in Lovedale College in Manori. Her dad wants her to marry a naive, semi-senile Mun......

Hindi   1987   140 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-09
 Jackie Shroff Mera Dharam Movie
Mera Dharam

While on a tiger-hunt, two aristocrats, Thakur and Sehgal get into a dispute about who which one of them shot the tiger. This dispute escalates into fisticuffs and a gunfight, with Sehgal getting killed, and Thakur getting serious......

Hindi   1986   N/A   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-08
 Jackie Shroff Allah-Rakha Movie

Karim Khan is employed as driver for a gangster named Don, who has an accident with his car, and asks Karim to take the blame for it for a hefty sum of cash, which Karim does so, and is imprisoned. But Don does not fulfill his promis...

Hindi   1986   160 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-07
 Jackie Shroff Yudh Movie

Savitri's twin sons get s abducted by a criminal named Gama Mating. In need of a son, Savitri adopt a young boy, but searches frantically for her twin babies. Years later her adopted son Vicky becomes a police inspector and he too......

Hindi   1985   155 min   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-07
 Jackie Shroff Mera Jawab Movie
Mera Jawab

Suresh and Poonam are a happy couple but things change when Poonam is raped& killed by three goons Danny,Kukoo&Bunty now Suresh only motive in life is to find these three and kill them....

Hindi   1985   N/A   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-07
 Jackie Shroff Andar Baahar Movie
Andar Baahar

Successful in robbing a bank of huge sums of cash; criminal don, Shamsher Singh alias Shera refuses to part the loot with his accomplice, Raja and instead try to shoot him which results in the police apprehending both Raja and She......

Hindi   1984   N/A   Jackie Shroff   2022-08-05
 Jackie Shroff
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