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 Homi Master
Name: Homi Master

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Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Homi Master

 Homi Master Kala Nag Movie
Kala Nag

This film claimed realist intent, mainly for its thinly veiled allusions to a major scandal in Bombay known as the Champsi-Haridas murder case. Vihari, the son of a rich mill owner, falls into the clutches of crooks led by Kalidas......

None   1924   N/A   Homi Master   2022-11-30
 Homi Master Fankdo Fituri Movie
Fankdo Fituri

Based on a popular novel, the story can be summarized as: 'A charming heiress, a good-looking but villainous doctor, a timid lover, a crafty detective, a singing girl, a Nawab in his dotage and a dancing woman from the gutter. A p......

None   1925   N/A   Homi Master   2022-11-18
 Homi Master Bhakta Vidur Movie
Bhakta Vidur

One of the most famous silent mythologicals. It depicts the 'Mahabharata' story as a series of events between Pandavas and Kauravas. This leads to the decline and downfall of the ancient empire and culminates in a terrible war betwee...

None   1921   N/A   Homi Master   2022-06-14
 Homi Master
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