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Devika Rani
Name: Devika Rani

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Movies by Actor Devika Rani

Devika Rani Anjan Movie

Hindi   1941   144 min   Devika Rani   2022-09-23
Devika Rani Karma Movie

The simple plot has the maharani (Devika Rani) fall in love with the neighbouring prince (Rai) despite her father's disapproval. It is presented as an Orientalist fantasy with a, by Indian standards, scandalously prolonged kiss. I......

Hindi, English   1933   68 min   Devika Rani   2022-09-22
Devika Rani Hamari Baat Movie
Hamari Baat

Hindi   1943   N/A   Devika Rani   2022-06-30
Devika Rani Punar Milan Movie
Punar Milan

Hindi   1940   N/A   Devika Rani   2022-06-28
Devika Rani Nirmala Movie

Nirmala (Devika Rani) is a modern girl - young, beautiful, dressed in the latest fashions, attends college, and is even the only female in an all-male class. She doesn't take second place to the men, besting all but one in the ann......

Hindi   1938   128 min   Devika Rani   2022-06-27
Devika Rani Savitri Movie

Unusual mythological. The love story from the 'Mahabharata', features Devika Rani as the heroine born through divine benediction to Ashwapati, and Ashok Kumar as Satyavan, son of an exiled and blinded hermit. Although Satyavan is sch...

Hindi   1937   136 min   Devika Rani   2022-06-26
Devika Rani Jeevan Prabhat Movie
Jeevan Prabhat

In this tale of rural caste divisions, polygamy is added to the theme in this story of Uma, born in an orthodox Brahmin family. To the despair of her parents she values her friendship with low-caste potters. Especially with Ranu. Whe...

Hindi   1937   144 min   Devika Rani   2022-06-26
Devika Rani Izzat Movie

Based in Central India, a story about struggle of a young man belonging to Bheel (an adivasi) tribe against the exploitation of his people by stronger Maratha tribe....

Hindi   1937   108 min   Devika Rani   2022-06-26
Devika Rani Mamta Movie

Hindi   1936   N/A   Devika Rani   2022-06-25
Devika Rani Jeevan Naya Movie
Jeevan Naya

Lata (Devika Rani), daughter of a dancing girl, is brought up by social worker Mathuradas (Prasad) and is engaged to marry the rich Ranjit (Ashok Kumar) when the villain Chand (S.N. Tripathi) arrives to blackmail her with her undiscl...

Hindi   1936   140 min   Devika Rani   2022-06-25
Devika Rani Janmabhoomi Movie

A nationalist rural drama- Janmabhoomi was the first patriotic Hindi movie. The plot has Dr. Ajay Ghosh and his girl friend Protima working to improve the lives of Indian villagers, incurring the enmity of the local zamindar and his ...

Hindi   1936   139 min   Devika Rani   2022-06-25
Devika Rani Always Tell Your Wife Movie
Always Tell Your Wife

Hindi   1936   N/A   Devika Rani   2022-06-24
Devika Rani Achhut Kanya Movie
Achhut Kanya

An "untouchable" girl and a Brahmin boy fall in love, but the strict caste system and the gossip of the villagers threaten to keep them apart....

Hindi, Urdu   1936   142 min   Devika Rani   2022-06-24
Devika Rani Jawani Ki Hawa Movie
Jawani Ki Hawa

A romantic crime thriller. Kamala elopes on her wedding day with her childhood friend Ratanlal. Her father Manganlal chases the couple and catches them on a train. His furious exchanges with Ratanlal are interrupted by gunfire and in...

Hindi   1935   148 min   Devika Rani   2022-06-24
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