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Dev Anand Shair Movie

A Poet Who Has Spent In Life In The Village With His Childhood Sweetheart Goes To Bombay To Meet A Fan Of His Who Is Also A Popular Radio Singer. But Instead He Meets A Dancer Who Mistakes Him To Be His Would Be Paramour. Now Ther......

Hindi   1949   138 min   Dev Anand   2023-03-20
Dev Anand Aman Ke Farishtey Movie
Aman Ke Farishtey

Hindi   2016   137 min   Dev Anand   2023-02-13
Dev Anand Love at Times Square Movie
Love at Times Square

A love triangle emerges in America between two Indian men and one Indian woman. The two men fall in love with a young co-ed at an American University--who also happens to be the daughter of an Indian billionaire....

Hindi   2003   120 min   Dev Anand   2023-01-31
Dev Anand The Evil Within Movie
The Evil Within

Interpol special agent Dev Verma teams up with Rod Stevens to finish off a dreaded opium syndicate operating out of Burma. An assassin called Fat Man slays the enemies of the syndicate's head, the Princess Kamar Souria. Other gang......

Tagalog, English   1970   101 min   Dev Anand   2022-12-28
Dev Anand Main Solah Baras Ki Movie
Main Solah Baras Ki

When Bollywood megastar Dev Anand makes an announcement he is on the look-out for a female lead in his forthcoming Hindi movie, many Indian women and men all over the world wait with bated breath to see who the lucky woman was goi......

Hindi   1998   150 min   Dev Anand   2022-12-22
Dev Anand Mahal Movie

To pay for his sister's marriage, a brother enters into a criminal conspiracy to impersonate the nephew of a wealthy male....

Hindi, English   1970   147 min   Dev Anand   2022-12-14
Dev Anand Lashkar Movie

Professor Anand lives a wealthy lifestyle in Bombay along with his wife, son, Raju, and a sister, Barkha, who will soon get married to Police Inspector Sumeet. Anand gets information that about a drug deal through Raghu, and together...

Hindi   1989   176 min   Dev Anand   2022-12-14
Dev Anand Kalabaaz Movie

Daredevil Circus trapeze artistes, Vijay and Radha, who also goes by the name of Lisa, are in love with each other. The circus is run by Radha's dad, G.D. Sapru. One day they decide to do another daredevil act without any safety n......

Hindi   1977   145 min   Dev Anand   2022-12-14
Dev Anand Gambler Movie

Raja has been abandoned by his biological mother at a very young age, and grows up with Master, a criminal don and card-sharp, who would like Raja to continue working with him on a commission basis. Raja learns all that be could b......

Hindi   1971   154 min   Dev Anand   2022-12-14
Dev Anand Darling Darling Movie
Darling Darling

Hindi   1977   N/A   Dev Anand   2022-12-14
Dev Anand Banarasi Babu Movie
Banarasi Babu

Orphaned Sohan Lal is a wealthy businessman based in Bombay. While on vacation in Kashmir, he meets with beautiful Neela, and after a few misunderstandings both fall in love, and get married. When they return to Bombay, his Manage......

Hindi   1973   141 min   Dev Anand   2022-12-14
Dev Anand Zalzala Movie

Hindi   1952   N/A   Dev Anand   2022-12-14
Dev Anand Teen Devian Movie
Teen Devian

Devdutt Anand works in a company selling musical instruments, and is always late for work, infuriating his boss, I.S. Johar. Things change for the better when Johar finds out that Devdutt has a talent for writing poems, and he get......

Hindi   1965   121 min   Dev Anand   2022-12-13
Dev Anand Stage Movie

Hindi   1951   N/A   Dev Anand   2022-12-13
Dev Anand Sarhad Movie

Four people embroiled in complicated relationships look for closure....

Hindi   1960   118 min   Dev Anand   2022-12-13
Dev Anand Pyar Mohabbat Movie
Pyar Mohabbat

After running away from home, Prince Naresh Kumar Singh (Dev Anand) now calls himself Dilip Singh, returns home after a period of 18 years. He travels by ship, and meets Reeta Singh (Saira Banu), and after a series of misunderstan......

Hindi   1966   N/A   Dev Anand   2022-12-13
Dev Anand Ek Ke Baad Ek Movie
Ek Ke Baad Ek

Collegian Prakash lives a middle-class lifestyle in a small town along with his brother, Mangal, and Mangal's wife, Laxmi, at a time when India is struggling with a population boom that is ......

Hindi   1960   N/A   Dev Anand   2022-12-13
Dev Anand Dushman Movie

Hindi   1957   138 min   Dev Anand   2022-12-13
Dev Anand Vidya Movie

Born in a low-caste family of chamars (cobblers), Chandu alias Chandrashekhar (Dev Anand) helps his father repair shoes and other footware for a small pittance. One day a girl from a rich and wealthy family, Vidya (Suraiya) stops ......

Hindi   1948   N/A   Dev Anand   2022-12-13
Dev Anand Udhaar Movie

Hindi   1949   N/A   Dev Anand   2022-12-13
Dev Anand Mohan Movie

Hindi   1947   N/A   Dev Anand   2022-12-13
Dev Anand Insaniyat Movie

A once loyal soldier faces many challenges after turning into a rebel....

Hindi   1955   185 min   Dev Anand   2022-12-13
Dev Anand Jeet Movie

India has finally won independence from British rule, and there are signs of progress among the population. One such sign of progress is in the village where two childhood sweethearts, namely Jeet and Vijay live. Vijay lives with ......

Hindi   1949   N/A   Dev Anand   2022-12-12
Dev Anand Humsafar Movie

Hindi   1953   N/A   Dev Anand   2022-12-12
Dev Anand Hindustan Hamara Movie
Hindustan Hamara

Hindi   1950   139 min   Dev Anand   2022-12-12
Dev Anand Censor Movie

Depicts a filmmaker's struggle to pass his controversial film for family viewing, follows many hardships in the process....

Hindi   2001   165 min   Dev Anand   2022-12-12
Dev Anand Hum Ek Hain Movie
Hum Ek Hain

Zamindari Ma an old land lady of village supports people during an epidemic and raises three orphaned children from different religions.Thou all the children are following separate religion but are united with each other.Chote Bab......

Hindi   1946   121 min   Dev Anand   2022-12-09
Dev Anand Pocket Maar Movie
Pocket Maar

Roshan lives a poor lifestyle in Bombay with his widowed mother, who thinks he is gainfully employed, but Roshan has made crime his career and picks pockets and gambles for a living. A gangster named Shankar wants to hire him, but......

Hindi   1956   N/A   Dev Anand   2022-12-08
Dev Anand Aage Badho Movie
Aage Badho

In the before independence, when Indians are subjected to torture by the officials, a young man (Dev Anand) and his family, take it upon themselves to fight against the authorities....

Hindi   1947   N/A   Dev Anand   2022-11-28
Dev Anand Love Marriage Movie
Love Marriage

Sunil Kumar rents a room in the city where he is to play cricket for the home team. He meets with the landlord's daughter, who instantly dislikes him. But after watching him play cricket, she falls in love with him, and both decid......

Hindi   1959   157 min   Dev Anand   2022-11-23
Dev Anand Asli-Naqli Movie

Renu lives a poor lifestyle with her mom, dad and a brother. Her dad decides to travel to Africa so that he can earn enough money to send his son to study engineering, so that he can find employment abroad. But fate has other plan......

Hindi   1962   145 min   Dev Anand   2022-11-22
Dev Anand Hum Bhi Insaan Hain Movie
Hum Bhi Insaan Hain

Hindi   1948   N/A   Dev Anand   2022-11-17
Dev Anand Dev Anand in Goa (Alias Farar) Movie
Dev Anand in Goa (Alias Farar)

A group of freedom-fighters face betrayal and go on the run from police in British-occupied Hindustan....

Hindi, Marathi, English, Konkani   1955   N/A   Dev Anand   2022-11-16
Dev Anand Ziddi Movie

Hindi   1948   N/A   Dev Anand   2022-11-16
Dev Anand Amir Garib Movie
Amir Garib

Manmohan alias Moni lives a dual life. One as a magician, and the other as a thief with the name of Bhagula Bhagat, whose prime agenda is to rob the rich, and spread the wealth with the poor. He meets with a young woman named Suni......

Hindi   1974   140 min   Dev Anand   2022-11-14
Dev Anand Shareef Budmaash Movie
Shareef Budmaash

The Government of India has devised plans for a new kind of super aircraft. A gangster, Diwan, manages to procure this plan from corrupt military officials, and hides it in his safe along with other valuables. The police find out tha...

Hindi   1973   N/A   Dev Anand   2022-11-14
Dev Anand Maya Movie

Disillusioned with his wealthy friends, a male goes to live in the slums and falls in love with a burglar's sister....

Hindi, English   1961   N/A   Dev Anand   2022-11-14
Dev Anand Do Sitare Movie
Do Sitare

Hindi   1951   N/A   Dev Anand   2022-11-13
Dev Anand Dilruba Movie

Efforts are underway by the owner of a dancer troupe to ensnare an Engineer in the theft of a necklace....

Hindi, English   1950   123 min   Dev Anand   2022-11-13
Dev Anand Prem Shastra Movie
Prem Shastra

Writer Sagar Sharma is in love with a much younger woman named Barkha. When Sagar meets his ex-wife, Neelima, she tells him that Barkha is her daughter. Perturbed that he is dating his ex-step-daughter, Sagar disbelieves her and c......

Hindi   1974   102 min   Dev Anand   2022-11-13
Dev Anand Jab Pyar Kisise Hota Hai Movie
Jab Pyar Kisise Hota Hai

Nisha lives a very wealthy lifestyle in Neelgaon, India, with her businessman dad, Sardar Roop Singh. She is now of marriageable age, and her dad wants her to marry his friend's son, Sohan, but Nisha dislikes him. While traveling ......

Hindi   1961   139 min   Dev Anand   2022-11-12
Dev Anand Birha Ki Raat Movie
Birha Ki Raat

Hindi   1950   N/A   Dev Anand   2022-11-12
Dev Anand Hum Dono Movie
Hum Dono

When an army officer is presumed dead in battle, his lookalike is tasked with breaking the news to his family. However, circumstances force him to impersonate the dead man....

Hindi   1961   164 min   Dev Anand   2022-11-09
Dev Anand 'Ferry' Movie

Widower Vikas lives a fairly wealthy lifestyle along with son, Raju, on an island off of Bombay's Gateway of India. Raju has not been told of his mother's demise, and believes that she will return home by the next boat. He is look......

Hindi   1954   128 min   Dev Anand   2022-11-02
Dev Anand Joshila Movie

Jailor Manmohan Krishan is responsible for looking after convicts undergoing sentences of rigorous imprisonment. He has a young, beautiful and captive daughter named Shalini. Shalini is a poet, one day while reciting her poetry, s......

Hindi   1973   137 min   Dev Anand   2022-09-24
Dev Anand Warrant Movie

During a jail riot instigated by convict Jaggu (Joginder), the Jailer, Arun Mehra's (Dev Anand) life is threatened and another convict, Dinesh (Satish Kaul), risks his life to save Arun. Arun and his mother, Mrs. Mehra (Sulochana)......

Hindi   1975   95 min   Dev Anand   2022-09-23
Dev Anand Patita Movie

Radha earns a living begging in order to support herself and her crippled and ailing father. They live in a small tenament, under the constant threat of eviction by their landlord for unpaid rent for several months. One day, while......

Hindi   1953   143 min   Dev Anand   2022-09-23
Dev Anand Man Pasand Movie
Man Pasand

Kamli belongs to a poor family. She sells datuns for a living. She sells them in local suburban trains as well as on railway platforms. One day she meets a bachelor named Pratap, who would like her to become a lady, and be educate......

Hindi   1980   N/A   Dev Anand   2022-09-23
Dev Anand Sau Crore Movie
Sau Crore

CBI Inspector Kumar is assigned to investigate the case of a mysterious murder....

Hindi   1991   158 min   Dev Anand   2022-09-21
Dev Anand Sahib Bahadur Movie
Sahib Bahadur

In a small town, situated in a picturesque Indian valley, lives a corrupt Deputy collector, Hare Murari, an equally corrupt Police Superintendent, Pasupathi; a doctor; a Judge; & Professor Rampyare. These officials always ensure t......

Hindi   1977   N/A   Dev Anand   2022-09-21
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