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Movies by Actor Deepti Naval

 Deepti Naval Saath Saath Movie
Saath Saath

A young woman falls for her classmate's idealistic, non-materialistic ways, but is troubled upon seeing his principles change after they marry....

Hindi   1982   117 min   Deepti Naval   2023-01-29
 Deepti Naval Marhi Da Deeva Movie
Marhi Da Deeva

Dalit Jagseer Singh's troubles do not seem to end in this poignant portrayal of life in a small village of Punjab in newly independent India....

Punjabi   1989   115 min   Deepti Naval   2023-01-05
 Deepti Naval Kamla Movie

An ambitious journalist buys a girl from a village in rural India to expose the existence of flesh trade and embarrass the political elite....

Hindi   1984   120 min   Deepti Naval   2022-12-29
 Deepti Naval Bawandar Movie

Shoba T. Mathur works for the Central Government in India and her job is to create awareness against child-marriage and other social evils that prevail due to general misinterpretation of the Hindu Shastras that demean women, part......

Hindi, Rajasthani, English   2000   125 min   Deepti Naval   2022-12-17
 Deepti Naval Current Movie

Velu owns a small sugarcane field and has immense faith in the establishment, in this case, the Electricity Board, to condone a delay in payment of his electricity bill. But when the power is severed he and his wife Sita are devas......

Hindi   1992   119 min   Deepti Naval   2022-12-12
 Deepti Naval Ek Baar Phir (Once Again) Movie
Ek Baar Phir (Once Again)

Kalpana has been married to movie actor, Mahender Kumar for years where he keeps himself occupy with his acting career as well as pleasure and has little or no time with her. When they moves to Britain for a movie shoot; Kalpana f......

Hindi   1980   147 min   Deepti Naval   2022-11-26
 Deepti Naval Ankahee Movie

Renowned Indian astrologer Jyotibhaskar Pandit Satyanarayan Chaturvedi, wishes a doctor, who is about to perform surgery on a woman, good luck, but also tells him that his patient is going to die. The doctor scoffs at this, and pr......

Hindi   1985   135 min   Deepti Naval   2022-11-26
 Deepti Naval Kissise Na Kehna Movie
Kissise Na Kehna

Kailashnath is a widower, and father of an only son, Ramesh. He feels that his son has come of age, and must get married. He goes to see a number of young ladies for him, but is disappointed with them, as he feels they are too mod......

Hindi   1983   140 min   Deepti Naval   2022-11-22
 Deepti Naval Ek Ghar Movie
Ek Ghar

Rajanna and Geeta arrive in the city with the hope of building a cozy little home. When they find their dream house, their happiness knows no bounds. Things are fine till, one day, a loud workshop opens up next door....

Hindi   1991   100 min   Deepti Naval   2022-11-13
 Deepti Naval Hip Hip Hurray Movie
Hip Hip Hurray

Sports is no for Jamnadas School in Ranchi so the boys out there pass their time by doing rebellious pastimes.Raghu is a smart looking boy on whom many girls have crush. But he is having a crush on a dusky school teacher.Sandeep C......

Hindi   1984   121 min   Deepti Naval   2022-11-12
 Deepti Naval Didi Movie

Hindi   1989   59 min   Deepti Naval   2022-11-12
 Deepti Naval Guddu Movie

When Guddu and Salina end up in a car accident, Salina loses her sight. Guddu soon finds out that he has a brain tumour, and decides to donate his eyes to Salina....

Hindi   1995   160 min   Deepti Naval   2022-10-03
 Deepti Naval Andhi Gali Movie
Andhi Gali

Former naxalite who has deserted the movement lives in fear of running into old colleagues. In the meanwhile he pushes his wife for material gain into modelling and later seamier projects with tragic consequences. The story is told i...

Hindi   1984   152 min   Deepti Naval   2022-09-23
 Deepti Naval Aashiana Movie

Hindi   1986   N/A   Deepti Naval   2022-09-22
 Deepti Naval Mane Movie

Kannada   1991   137 min   Deepti Naval   2022-08-16
 Deepti Naval Kanoon Kya Karega Movie
Kanoon Kya Karega

Advocate Gautam Mehra lives in Bombay with his wife, Anju, and a daughter, Rakhsa. One day while returning from court he sees a woman being molested. He stops, phones the police, and then tries to stop the molester, in vain, thoug......

Hindi   1984   N/A   Deepti Naval   2022-08-05
 Deepti Naval Katha Movie

Secretly in love with his neighbor, a mild-mannered clerk is heartbroken when his much bolder, more charming friend wins her heart instead....

Hindi   1983   141 min   Deepti Naval   2022-08-04
 Deepti Naval Chashme Buddoor Movie
Chashme Buddoor

Two womanizing slackers, Omi and Jai (Rakesh Bedi and Ravi Baswani respectively) attempt to woo the new girl in the neighbourhood, and fail - miserably. Their third room-mate, shy, and a bookworm - succeeds, much to their chargin.......

Hindi   1981   145 min   Deepti Naval   2022-08-01
 Deepti Naval
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