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Movies by Actor Chiranjeevi

Chiranjeevi Mrugaraaju Movie

Raju lives a poor lifestyle in rural India along with his parents. He meets with a wealthy city girl, both fall in love, and get married much to the chagrin of her father who decides to separate them with much success. When she gi......

Telugu   2001   147 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-26
Chiranjeevi Sri Manjunatha Movie
Sri Manjunatha

The story of the famous Saint-Poet Manjunatha....

Telugu, Kannada   2001   152 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-26
Chiranjeevi Manchupallaki Movie

Telugu   1982   115 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-25
Chiranjeevi Gudachari No.1 Movie
Gudachari No.1

Vijay, a CBI agent, is sent on a special operation to track a criminal gang that manufactures illegal explosives. During the mission, fate brings him closer to Radha, the love of his life...

Telugu   1983   138 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-25
Chiranjeevi Aaj Ka Goonda Raaj Movie
Aaj Ka Goonda Raaj

Raja is a rebel and the youngest of 3 brothers who will go to any length to serve his family. So when his eldest brother, Amar, is murdered and the villain's plot against Ravi, his other brother, Raja can't sit back and watch....

Hindi   1992   147 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-25
Chiranjeevi Yudda Bhoomi Movie
Yudda Bhoomi

An army officer comes to his village on vacation. Upon seeing the bad state of his village, he stands up against the atrocities that people face because of an evil landowner....

Telugu   1988   144 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-24
Chiranjeevi Yamudiki Mogudu Movie
Yamudiki Mogudu

A man, who wrongfully dies before his time, is reincarnated in the body of a lookalike....

Telugu   1988   145 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-24
Chiranjeevi Yamakinkarudu Movie

Chiranjeevi and Sarathbabu are police officers and very close friends as well. Both of them send a very notorious criminal gang (headed by Sudharshan)to jail. Chiru later marries Sarathbabu's sister - Raadhika and the couple also ......

Telugu   1982   129 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-24
Chiranjeevi Vijetha Movie

Chinnababu (Chiranjeevi) is an aspiring footballer who has a good heart. But his father does not support a career in football. Chinnababu loves a beautiful girl Priyadarshani (Bhanupriya) who expressed interest in his choice of pl......

Telugu   1985   107 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Veta Movie

Telugu   1986   148 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Trinetrudu Movie

CBI Officer Abhimanyu vows to take out the Drug lord DD and the drug mafia in Goa....

Telugu   1988   145 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Todu Dongalu Movie
Todu Dongalu

Telugu   1981   N/A   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Tirugu Leni Manishi Movie
Tirugu Leni Manishi

Telugu   1981   N/A   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Tingu Rangadu Movie
Tingu Rangadu

Telugu   1982   104 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Thathayya Premaleelalu Movie
Thathayya Premaleelalu

Telugu   1980   N/A   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Swayam Krushi Movie
Swayam Krushi

Story of a cobbler who believes in hard work and righteousness.. This movie is about respecting the importance of manual labor....

Telugu   1987   164 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Subhalekha Movie

Telugu   1982   139 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Stoovertpuram Police Station Movie
Stoovertpuram Police Station

The village of Stoovertpuram has always lived in fear and loathing of the police, who they see as a major force of oppression, and a toy of the rich, wealthy and influential, and will have nothing to do with them. When a policeman......

Telugu, Hindi   1991   148 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi State Rowdy Movie
State Rowdy

The story of aspiring police officer, Prithviraj, who lives a poor lifestyle with his widowed mother; loves Radha, his neighbor, who is employed as the Secretary in the Police Department. He does make it to the final list and is a......

Telugu, Hindi   1989   147 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Srirasthu Subhamasthu Movie
Srirasthu Subhamasthu

Telugu   1981   N/A   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Sri Rambantu Movie
Sri Rambantu

Telugu   1979   N/A   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Sneham Kosam Movie
Sneham Kosam

Prabhavati lives a wealthy lifestyle in India with her dad, mom, and elder sister, Rani. Rani is of marriageable age and her marriage is arranged with her mom's half-brother, but just after the marriage one of their servants, Sher......

Hindi, Telugu   1999   169 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Sitadevi Movie

Telugu   1982   131 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Simhapoori Simham Movie
Simhapoori Simham

Telugu   1983   N/A   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Sivudu Sivudu Sivudu Movie
Sivudu Sivudu Sivudu

Sivudu Sivudu Sivudu is a 1983 Indian Telugu film, directed by A Kodandarami Reddy and produced by Kranthi Kumar The film stars Chiranjeevi, Radhika and Rao Gopal Rao in lead roles. The music of the film was composed by K Chakrava......

Telugu   1983   144 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Sangarshana Movie

Dilip (Chiranjeevi) returns from America to find his father (Satyanarayana Kaikala), an industrialist, indulging in illegal activities. He and his manager (Rao Gopal Rao) are also trying to quell a workers' uprising by brutal mean......

Telugu   1983   N/A   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Rustum Movie

Rustum is a 1984 Indian Malayalam film, directed by A Kodandarami Reddy and produced by Venkanna Babu S. P. The film stars Chiranjeevi, Urvashi and Allu Ramalingaiah in lead roles. Music of the film was composed by Chakravarthy....

Telugu   1984   143 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Rudranetra Movie

Agent Nethra is summoned to stop a maniac out to poison India....

Telugu, Hindi   1989   126 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Rowdy Alludu Movie
Rowdy Alludu

Chiranjeevi plays the dual roles of a Mumbai-based auto driver, Johnny and an industrialist, Kalyan. Because Kalyan was interfering with the plans of the villains, led by Kota Srinivasa Rao, he is first temporarily replaced by Joh......

Telugu   1991   144 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Roshagadu Movie

Telugu   1983   90 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Rikshavodu Movie

A villager drives a rickshaw in the city for a living. Circumstances lead him to marry a politician's daughter. However, he later learns that his father-in-law is the reason for his family's miseries....

Telugu   1995   150 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Raktha Sindhuram Movie
Raktha Sindhuram

Telugu   1985   61 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Rakta Bandham Movie
Rakta Bandham

Telugu   1980   N/A   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Raakshasudu Movie

The film opens with a widowed woman giving birth to a baby boy. The landlord does not approve of this and has the baby disposed of. A drunkard finds the baby and keeps him for a couple of years until he sells the boy to a labour c......

Tamil, Telugu   1986   113 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Raja Vikramarka Movie
Raja Vikramarka

Chiranjeevi comes into the outer world leaving his kingdom to find a suitable bride and ends up becoming her bodyguard....

Telugu   1990   153 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Radha My Darling Movie
Radha My Darling

Telugu   1982   107 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Punnami Naagu Movie
Punnami Naagu

Naagulu is forced to consume poison since childhood by his father making him immune to the snake bite. On every full moon day , Naagulu searches for a woman and kills her . One day, he kills the woman he loves. Her brother Raju ge......

Telugu   1980   130 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Puli Bebbuli Movie
Puli Bebbuli

Puli Bebbuli is a 1983 Indian Telugu film, Directed by K S R Dass and Produced by R V Guru Padam. The film Stars Chiranjeevi, Jayapradha and Radhika in lead roles. The music of the film was composed by Rajan Nagendran....

Telugu   1983   149 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Puli Movie

Dr.Veera, a mad scientist, creates an A.I. based Robot 'Puli' which travels back in time to make things in Veera's life right........

Telugu   1985   117 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Priya Movie

A triangle love story which involves 2 friends played by Chiru and Chandramohan who have a common love interest in Raadhika. Chiru plays the sacrificial friend who commits suicide after bringing the other two together....

Telugu   1981   N/A   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Prema Tarangalu Movie
Prema Tarangalu

Telugu   1980   141 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Prema Pichollu Movie
Prema Pichollu

Three elderly people (Gummadi, Raogopalrao, Allu Ramalingaiah) try to have some fun and go out on a picnic, leaving behind their ladies. They hire Chiranjeevi as their driver and go to a vacation spot. They find Raadhika there and tr...

Telugu   1983   N/A   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Prema Natakam Movie
Prema Natakam

Prema Natakam is a 1981 Indian Telugu film, directed by SubbaRao Katta and produced by M. Sankaraiah. The film stars Murali Mohan, Sharada and Chiranjeevi in lead roles. Music of the film was composed by Chellapilla Satyam....

Telugu   1981   123 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Pelletoori Monagadu Movie
Pelletoori Monagadu

Telugu   1983   N/A   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Patnam Vachchina Pativrathalu Movie
Patnam Vachchina Pativrathalu

N/A   1982   138 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Pasivadi Pranam Movie
Pasivadi Pranam

Madhu (Chiranjeevi) is a painter who becomes a drunkard since his wife is killed immediately after their marriage in an accident. He leads a careless life until a kid (Baby Sujitha) who is deaf and vocally challenged (dumb), enter......

Telugu   1987   140 min   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Parvathi Parameshwarulu Movie
Parvathi Parameshwarulu

Telugu   1981   N/A   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Ooriki Ichina Maata Movie
Ooriki Ichina Maata

Telugu   1981   N/A   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Nyayam Kavali Movie
Nyayam Kavali

Telugu   1981   N/A   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
Chiranjeevi Nakili Manishi Movie
Nakili Manishi

Telugu   1980   N/A   Chiranjeevi   2022-11-23
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