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Chhabi Biswas
Name: Chhabi Biswas

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Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Chhabi Biswas

Chhabi Biswas Kanchenjungha Movie

An upper-class Bengali family is on vacation in Darjeeling, a popular hill station and resort near Kanchenjungha....

Bengali   1962   102 min   Chhabi Biswas   2022-07-14
Chhabi Biswas Dada Thakur Movie
Dada Thakur

The film is based closely on the life of the real-life Dada Thakur, and was made in his lifetime. Dada Thakur (Chhabi Biswas) starts his career with a hand-operated press, with his wife as his assistant. Later he is joined by Nali......

Bengali   1962   153 min   Chhabi Biswas   2022-07-14
Chhabi Biswas Kshudhita Pashan Movie
Kshudhita Pashan

The film is adapted from a story called Hungry Stones by Rabindranath Tagore. A tax collector posted to a small town puts up at a mansion feared by the locals because it is haunted. As time passes he grows more consumed by the man......

English, Bengali   1960   109 min   Chhabi Biswas   2022-07-13
Chhabi Biswas Haat Baraley Bandhu Movie
Haat Baraley Bandhu

Bengali   1960   N/A   Chhabi Biswas   2022-07-13
Chhabi Biswas The Goddess Movie
The Goddess

A young woman is deemed a goddess when her father-in-law, a rich feudal land-lord, has a dream envisioning her as an avatar of Kali....

Bengali   1960   93 min   Chhabi Biswas   2022-07-13
Chhabi Biswas The Music Room Movie
The Music Room

Depicts the end days of a decadent zamindar (landlord) in Bengal, and his efforts to uphold his family prestige even when faced with economic adversity....

Bengali   1958   95 min   Chhabi Biswas   2022-07-11
Chhabi Biswas Shankar Narayan Bank Movie
Shankar Narayan Bank

Bengali   1956   N/A   Chhabi Biswas   2022-07-10
Chhabi Biswas Saheb Bibi Golam Movie
Saheb Bibi Golam

Bimal Mitra’s Saheb Biwi Golam beautifully portrays Kolkata and the life of the zamindars of the nineteenth century and outlines how and why these zamindars witnessed a gradual decline in their status and power....

Bengali   1956   149 min   Chhabi Biswas   2022-07-10
Chhabi Biswas Raat Bhore Movie
Raat Bhore

A poor village boy's hazardous experience in a rich urban family....

Bengali   1956   120 min   Chhabi Biswas   2022-07-10
Chhabi Biswas Kabuliwala Movie

Rahmat a middle-aged fruit seller from Afghanistan, comes to Calcutta to hawk his merchandise and befriends a small Bengali girl called Mini....

Bengali   1957   116 min   Chhabi Biswas   2022-07-10
Chhabi Biswas Upahar Movie

Kangalicharan who is obsessed with making money chooses money over his family. His son and wife die because he could not provide proper medication and treatment .Professor Ashok comes to live in their house as a tenant with his wife ...

Bengali   1955   121 min   Chhabi Biswas   2022-07-09
Chhabi Biswas Bidhilipi Movie

Bengali   1954   N/A   Chhabi Biswas   2022-07-08
Chhabi Biswas Lakh Taka Movie
Lakh Taka

Bengali   1953   N/A   Chhabi Biswas   2022-07-07
Chhabi Biswas Kar Papey Movie
Kar Papey

Bengali   1952   N/A   Chhabi Biswas   2022-07-06
Chhabi Biswas Annapurnar Mandir Movie
Annapurnar Mandir

Bengali   1936   N/A   Chhabi Biswas   2022-06-24
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