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Movies by Actor Bhanupriya

 Bhanupriya Apoorva Sahodarulu Movie
Apoorva Sahodarulu

Separated at birth, twins Arun and Ramu grow up in different places. Fate unites them with their parents after many years and both set out to take revenge on the evil men who ruined their family. Watch the full movie Apoorva Sahod......

Telugu   1986   129 min   Bhanupriya   2022-12-01
 Bhanupriya Gopura Vasalile Movie
Gopura Vasalile

Manohar, a schoolteacher, leads a dull and unexciting life after the death of his lover. Fortunately, his life takes a new turn when his friends give him a reason to live and love once again....

Tamil   1991   143 min   Bhanupriya   2022-11-30
 Bhanupriya Ish Gup Chup Movie
Ish Gup Chup

Telugu   1993   130 min   Bhanupriya   2022-11-26
 Bhanupriya Annamayya Movie

A cinematic version of the life of famous Indian saint-poet, Annamayya....

Telugu   1997   150 min   Bhanupriya   2022-11-26
 Bhanupriya Swarnakamalam Movie

A painter who recently moved into the neighborhood helps his neighbor, a retired cultural dance artist. He helps by painting billboards advertising events in which the artist and his daughters perform. The younger daughter does no......

Telugu   1988   143 min   Bhanupriya   2022-11-25
 Bhanupriya Sitaara Movie

Sitaara becomes a film star with the help of Devdas who likes her. She had loved Raju who is believed dead. When her past about her brother gets exposed, she is dejected. Devdas learns that Raju is alive and strives to get them re......

Telugu   1983   144 min   Bhanupriya   2022-11-25
 Bhanupriya Khudgarz Movie

Sita Sinha watches as her young son, Bihari fights another young, wealthy lad, Amar for spattering dirt on his body using his car. Sita then intervene, separates both, take them to her house only to make them embrace each other wh......

Hindi   1987   158 min   Bhanupriya   2022-11-25
 Bhanupriya Anveshana Movie

The story of an Ornithologist and a Police investigator coming to a forest and trying to solve the mystery of a series of killings allegedly by a man-eating tiger....

Telugu   1985   113 min   Bhanupriya   2022-11-25
 Bhanupriya America Alludu Movie
America Alludu

A woman from an Indian village marries a U.S.-based doctor, and faces many challenges in trying to adjust to her new life....

Telugu   1985   120 min   Bhanupriya   2022-11-24
 Bhanupriya Vijetha Movie

Chinnababu (Chiranjeevi) is an aspiring footballer who has a good heart. But his father does not support a career in football. Chinnababu loves a beautiful girl Priyadarshani (Bhanupriya) who expressed interest in his choice of pl......

Telugu   1985   107 min   Bhanupriya   2022-11-23
 Bhanupriya Trinetrudu Movie

CBI Officer Abhimanyu vows to take out the Drug lord DD and the drug mafia in Goa....

Telugu   1988   145 min   Bhanupriya   2022-11-23
 Bhanupriya State Rowdy Movie
State Rowdy

The story of aspiring police officer, Prithviraj, who lives a poor lifestyle with his widowed mother; loves Radha, his neighbor, who is employed as the Secretary in the Police Department. He does make it to the final list and is a......

Telugu, Hindi   1989   147 min   Bhanupriya   2022-11-23
 Bhanupriya Khaidi No. 786 Movie
Khaidi No. 786

Gopi is an aspiring police constable and also a music master in a village. Radha is daughter of Arrogant Village head Surya Chandra Rao. Radha, in a fracas with Gopi, seeks revenge. But later falls for him. Infuriated by this, Sur......

Telugu   1988   144 min   Bhanupriya   2022-11-23
 Bhanupriya Jebu Donga Movie
Jebu Donga

Does an CBI ploy to use a petty yet sturdy pickpocket as an undercover come to fruition?...

Telugu   1987   143 min   Bhanupriya   2022-11-23
 Bhanupriya Chakravarthy Movie

Anji and his sister Laxmi take care of the orphanage run by Swamiji. As Anji and Swamiji face charges for crimes they did not commit, Anji in a disguise,as chakravarthy, sets out on a quest for truth....

Telugu   1987   136 min   Bhanupriya   2022-11-23
 Bhanupriya Kasam Vardi Kee Movie
Kasam Vardi Kee

Hindi   1989   N/A   Bhanupriya   2022-11-21
 Bhanupriya Zahreelay Movie

After being critically wounded and losing his left arm, Captain Jaswant Kumar is discharged from the Indian army and goes to live with Journalist A.V. Razdan in Shanti Nagar, Bombay. Ironically, Shanti Nagar is far from peaceful a......

Hindi   1990   163 min   Bhanupriya   2022-10-03
 Bhanupriya Bhabhi Movie

Sita lives a middle-class lifestyle with her retired and widowed schoolmaster dad, Ramdas. One day she is molested by Prakash and slaps him. A few days later, wealthy Ghanshyamdas, a former pupil of Ramdas, approaches him to ask f......

Hindi   1991   145 min   Bhanupriya   2022-10-03
 Bhanupriya Sundara Kandam Movie
Sundara Kandam

Tamil   1992   N/A   Bhanupriya   2022-09-22
 Bhanupriya Aararo Aariraro Movie
Aararo Aariraro

Babu works as a caretaker in a mental hospital and is emotionally attached with the patients. His life changes when he is blamed for the pregnancy of a mental patient and is forced to marry her....

Tamil   1989   135 min   Bhanupriya   2022-09-21
 Bhanupriya Vaaname Ellai Movie
Vaaname Ellai

Vaaname Ellai is a 1992 Indian Tamil language drama film directed by K. Balachander starring Anand Babu, Ramya Krishnan, Madhoo, Vishali Kannadasan, Rajesh and Babloo Prithviraj....

Tamil   1992   145 min   Bhanupriya   2022-09-21
 Bhanupriya Azhakan Movie

Three women, four children, and many more people besides have deep love for a hotel owner, yet choosing the right partner for this man takes some doing....

Tamil   1991   154 min   Bhanupriya   2022-09-20
 Bhanupriya Dosti Dushmani Movie
Dosti Dushmani

The friendship of three best friends develops a rift due to a misunderstanding created by their common enemy....

Hindi   1986   152 min   Bhanupriya   2022-08-08
 Bhanupriya Jwala Movie

Telugu   1985   145 min   Bhanupriya   2022-08-06
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