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Balraj Sahni
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Balraj Sahni Chhoti Bahen Movie
Chhoti Bahen

Chhoti Bahen is the story about the delicate but powerful bond of love. Rajendra and Shekhar lose their parents, and the all they have is each other, and their younger sister Meena. Though in love, Rajendra swears that he will not......

Hindi   1959   155 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-11-30
Balraj Sahni Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani Movie
Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani

Honest Shankarnath, even though employed in a supervisory capacity, nets only Rs.630/-, and is unable to accede to any of the demands placed by his three school-going children, Ravi, Roopa, and Raja. When the trio declare a hunger......

Hindi   1970   120 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-11-29
Balraj Sahni Pehchan Movie

Bombay-based Barkha lives a wealthy lifestyle with her widowed mom and brother, Rakesh, who is to marry a wealthy woman by the name of Maya. Barkha meets with a naive man from Vishnupur by the name of Gangaram who has come to Bomb......

Hindi   1970   155 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-11-24
Balraj Sahni Faraar Movie

Calcutta-based Naval Officer Shankar Choudhry lives a wealthy lifestyle with his doctor dad, and mom. One day while returning home in a cab home from a Club, he comes an injured man, Shekhar, takes him home, has his dad nurse look af...

Hindi   1965   137 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-11-22
Balraj Sahni Door Chalen Movie
Door Chalen

Hindi   1946   N/A   Balraj Sahni   2022-11-16
Balraj Sahni Suhag Sindoor Movie
Suhag Sindoor

Ratan is an Air Force Pilot and lives a wealthy lifestyle with his money-lender father, Dayashankar. While journeying home for a holiday with his father, he is approached by an Army Officer, Ramu, who asks him to deliver a attaché......

Hindi   1961   N/A   Balraj Sahni   2022-11-16
Balraj Sahni Wedding Celebration Movie
Wedding Celebration

The life of an impoverished male undergoes drastic changes after he gets his siblings married....

Hindi   1962   N/A   Balraj Sahni   2022-11-15
Balraj Sahni Laadla Movie

Seeta marries a poor man against her family's wishes and becomes pregnant. Savitri, her sister, is childless and yearns to have a baby so Seeta gives away her child to her sister....

Hindi   1966   N/A   Balraj Sahni   2022-11-15
Balraj Sahni Bhabhi Movie

Although a graduate in Arts, Shanta agrees to get married to a much lesser educated widowed businessman, Ratanlal, who has a son, Mithu, from his first marriage, and re-locates to live with him, his brothers; Ramesh, Rajan, & Bald......

Hindi   1957   165 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-11-14
Balraj Sahni Aman Movie

Meloda (Saira Banu) who was educated in India, speaks Hindi; though she is Japanese. Dr. Gautamdas (Rajendra Kumar) is a UK trained doctor who volunteers to go to Japan to help deal with the horror of the radiation aftermath of Hi......

English, Hindi   1967   152 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-11-14
Balraj Sahni Sapne Suhane Movie
Sapne Suhane

Hindi   1961   N/A   Balraj Sahni   2022-11-14
Balraj Sahni Devar Bhabhi Movie
Devar Bhabhi

Hindi   1958   N/A   Balraj Sahni   2022-11-13
Balraj Sahni Badnam Movie

Hindi   1952   N/A   Balraj Sahni   2022-11-13
Balraj Sahni Aaye Din Bahar Ke Movie
Aaye Din Bahar Ke

Ravi is an eligible bachelor, who lives with his mother. The whereabouts of his dad are unknown. He meets with beautiful Kanchan and both fall in love. But they face major hurdles, as Ravi soon finds out that he is the child of an......

Hindi   1966   170 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-11-12
Balraj Sahni Mere Humsafar Movie
Mere Humsafar

Raju is his real name but due to his unhealthy and unkempt manner of living, he is called "Junglee" by everyone in his village, all save for ex-convict Ustad Anwar who has served time for murder, and his father. When Raju's dad pa......

Hindi   1970   153 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-11-02
Balraj Sahni Ghar Grihasti Movie
Ghar Grihasti

Hindi   1958   N/A   Balraj Sahni   2022-11-02
Balraj Sahni Ek Phool Do Mali Movie
Ek Phool Do Mali

Somna lives a poor lifestyle with her widowed mom Leela, in the mountainous region of India and Nepal. She makes a living working on the apple farm of wealthy widower Kailash Nath Kaushal, who also runs a mountaineering school and......

Hindi   1969   150 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-11-02
Balraj Sahni Nanak Dukhiya Sub Sansar Movie
Nanak Dukhiya Sub Sansar

Porthwar-based Santram is killed while fleeing from Muslims during the religious riots of 1948 following the partition of Pakistan from India. His wife, Tagpyariye, manages to flee along with their sons, Kartar and Ram, but gets s......

Punjabi   1970   135 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-10-31
Balraj Sahni C.I.D. Girl Movie
C.I.D. Girl

Hindi   1959   N/A   Balraj Sahni   2022-10-31
Balraj Sahni Anpadh Movie

A wealthy, pampered and illiterate woman faces many challenges after her marriage....

Hindi   1962   150 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-10-27
Balraj Sahni Jawan Muhabat Movie
Jawan Muhabat

Dr. Sarin lives with his wife, Sunita, young daughter, Rekha, and his brother, Rajesh. Rajesh is an eligible bachelor, and on the lookout for a life-partner with a view of marriage. One day, Dr. Sarin gets a visitor from his past, na...

Hindi   1971   N/A   Balraj Sahni   2022-10-27
Balraj Sahni Pyaar Ka Rishta Movie
Pyaar Ka Rishta

Balraj Sahni is brother of Nirupa Roy. Sameer is son of Nirupa Roy and Vinod Khanna is son of Balraj Sahni. They both live in a same house but due to difference between Nirupa Roy and Balraj Sahni's wife and Nirupa Roy takes her son ...

Hindi   1973   137 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-10-06
Balraj Sahni Majboori Movie

Hindi   1954   N/A   Balraj Sahni   2022-09-24
Balraj Sahni Holi Ayee Re Movie
Holi Ayee Re

Hindi   1970   144 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-09-22
Balraj Sahni Aasra Movie

Amar Kumar is an eligible young man, and his parents feel that he should get married. They introduce him to Bishambernath, his wife, and their daughter, Roopa. Amar also gets to meet ......

Hindi   1966   161 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-09-22
Balraj Sahni Jawani Diwani Movie
Jawani Diwani

The exuberance of youth influences two college going lovers to edify their headstrong parents. They sing the following Panchamda songs to achieve this goal: "Jaane Jaan doodta fir ruha" "Saamne yeh koun aaya" "Yeh Jawani hai Diwan......

Hindi   1972   N/A   Balraj Sahni   2022-09-22
Balraj Sahni Khazanchi Movie

For the world famous newspaper, the «Sunday Times», an English team of museum specialists determined the ten best museums of this world - Austria's Natural History Museum of Vienna was within the top ten....

Hindi   1958   51 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-09-21
Balraj Sahni Hindustan Ki Kasam Movie
Hindustan Ki Kasam

War movie based on Operation Cactus Lilly in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971....

Hindi   1973   152 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-09-21
Balraj Sahni Haqeeqat Movie

A platoon of Indian soldiers encounters harsh realities while fighting in the Sino-Indian War of 1962....

Hindi   1964   184 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-09-21
Balraj Sahni Hanste Zakhm Movie
Hanste Zakhm

Somesh lives a very wealthy lifestyle with businessman dad, Banwari, and housewife mom. His dad runs a bank, Canara Bank, and wants Somesh to take an active interest in helping him, Somesh spends all his time drinking alcohol, womani...

Hindi   1973   N/A   Balraj Sahni   2022-09-21
Balraj Sahni Black Cat Movie
Black Cat

Few people in real life would relish making the decision that Inspector Rajan is forced to take when he corners the identity of Black Cat a notorious character who lives the life of a professor by day and a crook by night. Inspect......

Hindi   1959   154 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-09-21
Balraj Sahni Rahi Movie

After leaving British Army Ramesh joins a tea plantation as a supervisor, where he is required to harass Indians. Gradually his heart changes and falls in love with local girl and revolts against his British employer....

Hindi, English   1953   139 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-09-19
Balraj Sahni Seema Movie

An orphan gets in trouble with the law and is sent to a home for young women. There, for the first time, she finds friendship, compassion, and possibly love....

Hindi   1955   140 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-09-15
Balraj Sahni Satta Bazaar Movie
Satta Bazaar

Widower Ramesh lives a comfortable lifestyle with his daughter, Kala, but is advised to re-marry so that Kala can get the love and caring of a mother, so he re-marries Jamuna. But Kala hates Jamuna and will not even call her "Maa", b...

Hindi   1959   N/A   Balraj Sahni   2022-09-10
Balraj Sahni Chand Movie

Chand is a social drama dealing with the story of a childless couple with Balraj Sahni and Meena Kumari in lead roles. Mr. Kapoor (Balraj Sahni) who is a married to Kamla (Pandari Bai) cannot have a child of their own. Kamla wants a ...

Hindi   1959   149 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-09-10
Balraj Sahni Bhabhi Ki Chudiyan Movie
Bhabhi Ki Chudiyan

Geeta (Meena Kumari) is married to Shyam (Balraj Sahni) but is unable to bear children. She also looks after her younger brother-in-law, Mohan (Sailesh Kumar). Their happy family gets an addition in the form of Prabha (Seema Deo) ......

Hindi   1961   168 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-09-09
Balraj Sahni Anuradha Movie

A lonely housewife, who gave up her promising singing career to marry an idealistic village-doctor, begins to regret her decision....

Hindi   1960   141 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-09-09
Balraj Sahni Garm Hava Movie
Garm Hava

In post-partition India, a Muslim businessman and his family struggle for their rights in a country which was once their own....

Urdu, Hindi   1974   146 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-07-26
Balraj Sahni Amaanat Movie

Balraj Sahani plays a professional Artist with wife Achala Sachdev and son Manoj Kumar caught in the trap of Rehman and Shashikala who for the payment of a large Life insurance policy frame him in the murder of Rehman - who escape......

Hindi   1977   N/A   Balraj Sahni   2022-07-26
Balraj Sahni Paraya Dhan Movie
Paraya Dhan

Rajjoo lives in a small village in rural India with her father Govindram. The peace in the village is shattered when a notorious thief, Hiralal, breaks out of prison and takes shelter in Govindram's house....

Hindi   1971   N/A   Balraj Sahni   2022-07-22
Balraj Sahni Do Raaste Movie
Do Raaste

Navendu toils hard to support his joint family and keep it together. However, their familial bond gets threatened when his younger brother marries a woman who insists on living separately....

Hindi   1969   150 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-07-20
Balraj Sahni Sunghursh Movie

The Prasads live in Banaras circa 19th Century, and consist of Bhawani - a thug, who poses as a holy man, luring devotees and robbing them; his wife - who will have nothing to do with his ill-gotten gains; his son, Shankar - like ......

Hindi   1968   175 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-07-20
Balraj Sahni Duniya Movie

An advocate faces heavy odds defending the brother of his sweetheart....

Hindi   1968   N/A   Balraj Sahni   2022-07-19
Balraj Sahni Kabuliwala Movie

A poor Afghani leaves his family behind to earn a living as a dried fruit vendor in India. Profoundly homesick, he befriends a young girl who reminds him of his own daughter. Meanwhile, the locals are distrustful of all foreigners....

Hindi   1961   95 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-07-14
Balraj Sahni Sone Ki Chidiya Movie
Sone Ki Chidiya

An impoverished orphan is first abused by her extended family, and then exploited after she becomes popular and wealthy....

Hindi   1958   171 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-07-12
Balraj Sahni Lajwanti Movie

Having been unjustly accused of having an affair, a dutiful and loving wife is thrown out of the house by her husband and forced to abandon her baby. When mother and child are eventually reunited, the mother faces an uphill strugg......

Hindi   1958   120 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-07-11
Balraj Sahni Pardesi Movie

The film is based on travelogues of XV century Russian traveler Afanasy Nikitin called "A journey beyond the three seas"...

Hindi, Russian   1957   152 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-07-11
Balraj Sahni Lal Batti Movie
Lal Batti

This is a film set in a train and on a lonely railway platform where passengers are forced to spend a night at the time of India's Independence....

Hindi   1957   N/A   Balraj Sahni   2022-07-11
Balraj Sahni Kath Putli Movie
Kath Putli

Pushpa comes from a poor family, and is a good dancer and singer. She would like to assist a puppeteer with his makeshift dolls and puppet act. Unfortunately, he meets with an accident, and is hospitalized. Some of his puppets were a...

Hindi   1957   152 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-07-11
Balraj Sahni Naukari Movie

Comic, tragic, and heartrending saga of Ratan Kumar Chaudhary (Kishore Kumar), who leaves his village, aging mom, and seriously ill sister, to obtain employment in Calcutta, only to end up in a tiny tenement apartment full of othe......

Hindi   1955   142 min   Balraj Sahni   2022-07-08
Balraj Sahni
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