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 B. Nandrekar
Name: B. Nandrekar

Date of Birth:

Gender: Male




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Last updated 2022-06-25 11:00:03

Movies by Actor B. Nandrekar

 B. Nandrekar Baghban Movie

The naive Saroop romantically renounces earthly pleasures under the influence of a sadhu. Arrested at a fairground and jailed, fellow convicts change his view of the world. Working in the ......

Hindi   1938   159 min   B. Nandrekar   2022-11-13
 B. Nandrekar Sant Tukaram Movie
Sant Tukaram

This classic film chronicles the life of Tukaram (17th C.), one of Maharashtra's most popular saint poets, activating the 20th-C. resonances of his turning away from courtly Sanskrit towards vernacular rhythms of religious poetry ......

Marathi, Hindi   1937   131 min   B. Nandrekar   2022-06-25
 B. Nandrekar
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