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Name: Atul Agnihotri

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Gender: Male




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Movies by Actor Atul Agnihotri

 Atul Agnihotri Yeshwant Movie

Tough policier about a straight, but maverick cop who does not believe in bending over, no matter what. He encourages his wife to become a top government officer and tutors her at home, while helping with the chores, and she does ......

Hindi   1997   145 min   Atul Agnihotri   2022-11-26
 Atul Agnihotri Hote Hote Pyar Hogaya Movie
Hote Hote Pyar Hogaya

Pinky and Atul alias Bunty are in love with each other, and plan to marry. They, however, run into opposition with their respective families, as their life-partners have already been picked for them. Pinky's dad, a retired Colonel......

Hindi   1999   140 min   Atul Agnihotri   2022-10-27
 Atul Agnihotri Yeh Aashiqui Meri Movie
Yeh Aashiqui Meri

Shekhar Choudhry is an aspiring and struggling young man whose goal is to become a movie director in Bollywood movies. He is thrilled and excited when renowed producer K.C. Mehra summons him, and informs him that he would like him to...

N/A   1998   N/A   Atul Agnihotri   2022-10-26
 Atul Agnihotri Sanam Teri Kasam Movie
Sanam Teri Kasam

A love triangle forms after a male finds his best friend has married his sweetheart....

Hindi, English   2009   170 min   Atul Agnihotri   2022-10-26
 Atul Agnihotri Bambai Ka Babu Movie
Bambai Ka Babu

Born and brought up in a small village, Vikram alias Vicky comes to Bombay - the big city - to find his fortune. He wants to get rich soon, and he does get lucky when he lands a job with a politician named Masterji. Masterji start......

Hindi   1996   N/A   Atul Agnihotri   2022-10-03
 Atul Agnihotri Naaraaz Movie

Wealthy author Ajay Pandit befriends angry and poor Deva, who lives in the nearby slums with his widower father. After the two men grow up, Ajay falls in love with Sonali, while Deva continues to live a life of destitution. After ......

Hindi   1994   128 min   Atul Agnihotri   2022-08-24
 Atul Agnihotri Gunehgar Movie

Ajay Thakur is a long-time employee serving with the Indian police force; his motive in life involves bringing to justice the freedom fighters who in reality are terrorists headed by Habibullah and his younger brother, Munna all of w...

Hindi   1995   125 min   Atul Agnihotri   2022-08-23
 Atul Agnihotri Krantiveer Movie

Disowned by his parents at a young age, a man ends up in a small village controlled by underworld dons and powerful politicians. Lazy, alcoholic, and unemployed, he gets influenced by a journalist with a positive mission....

Hindi   1994   147 min   Atul Agnihotri   2022-08-21
 Atul Agnihotri Sir Movie

Bombay-based Professor Amar Verma lives a middle-class lifestyle with his wife, Shobha, and 6 year old son, Kunal. When a gang-war breaks out between Veljibhai and Chhapan Tikle alias Jimmy, a number of innocent bystanders fall vi......

Hindi   1993   151 min   Atul Agnihotri   2022-08-20
 Atul Agnihotri
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